The Benefits of Using Blinds in the Summer

April 24, 2021 | Yaryna

Summer months in Toronto can be brutal due to the sweltering heat. However, blasting an air conditioner for long periods can result in an energy bill that gives you nightmares. The good news is, homeowners can use shades and blinds to keep their homes cool and their energy bills down. Windows are nothing more than holes in the wall that let natural light in, without the benefit of protection that blinds and shades provide.

Installing shades to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun while in your home can be a good idea. Using window coverings correctly can lower heat gain by up to 77%. This is according to reports from the Department of Energy.

Additionally, it can be used to sustain heat in the house during cold weather. There were several useful tips recently released by the Department of Energy on how homeowners can properly use shades and blinds to beat the heat every summer. Read on for more information on these tips.


If shades are installed correctly, they are one of the most cost-effective and simple ways to save energy and money. They must be closed all day to be most effective. When it comes to installing them in the window frame, they should be placed close to the glass so that they can create a sealed space to cut off light and heat. Winters at colder places are ideal for reversible shades. The dark side absorbs heat during the winter while the light side protects in summer.


Energy Department reports indicate that highly reflective blinds can reduce heat gain in a room by as much as 45 percent, provided they are closed completely. A horizontal orientation makes the slats of blinds less effective at reducing heat than shades do. A custom-designed slat ceiling can block direct sunlight, which causes too much heat or glare, on a light-coloured ceiling. The blinds, however, provide the option of adjusting ventilation and light levels, a feature that is not available in every kind of shade.

Window Films

Did you know that your home’s windows can be tinted for added style and benefits? Reflective films help ward off the oppressive heat for added comfort. A room can become hotter than it ought to be if black or other dark-coloured tints are used. Consider the fact that reflective films can lessen visibility and are difficult to clean before you add tints to your windows.